VIDEO: 3 SONGS by STEVE LAW, poems by Lorna Law sung by Ferrier Award winning baritone Gareth Brynmor John

Gareth Brynmor John and Steve Law performing live.

Lorna's new poetry and photos book

Slowly shaded
Woodland glade 
Pierced sunlight
Winter haze.

Icy stream
So silent now
Bleak yet beauty
Seen, unbound.
I tread before me
Hallowed ground.

Onward river
Journeys sound
Carrying history
Yet unfound.

A calling from
the past I hear
and sprightly Robin
doth appear !

And all at once
I feel at ease.
This winter walk
A gift, of peace.

Lorna Fleur Law 20th January 2016

Springtime lament

Oh gentle spring
Evening sun day is almost done.
River Withy
Silky ripple
Sounds abound
Carry on.
Pleasure here be never gone.

Oh gentle spring
Evening breeze
Caress the trees
Reminding me
Of all thats been
and all that is still
yet to come.

Oh gentle spring
Evening sun.

Lorna Fleur Law 2nd April 2016.

Abstract feeling
Creative healing
It's an avalanche of words
Jumbled letters making up a meaning
As they settle nicely into place
a covering like white icing on a cake.

Colour in the details and you can take
a bite. It's a solution to a dilemma
waiting to be heard
Late at night.

Story picture book
It's all the same to me.
It's an avalanche of words and
all spread out to see.

It's subjective meaning
Still wanting and believing,
like little flakes of dreaming.

And if you take the words away
there's really nothing left to say.
Just an avalanche of abstract feeling
generating creative healing.

Lorna Fleur Law 15th February 2016