STEVE LAW’S EXCITING NEW PIANO CONCERTO recorded by the Royal Scottish National Orchestra

Steve Law’s exciting and melodic Piano Concerto (2021) fuses popular and classical music together in an original and memorable work full of catchy tunes and rhythms.

It was recorded by the pianist Joseph Havlat, conductor David Watkin and the Royal Scottish National Orchestra at The Glasgow Royal Concert Hall in July 2022. The recording was made with Emmy-Award winning producer Brad Michel with Parma Recordings and will be released on Navona label (distributed by Naxos) on April 28th 2023. With many thanks for the award from the Oppenheim-John Memorial Trust.

(Photo left to right – Steve Law, David Watkin and Joseph Havlat.)

Combining jazz and popular music in a concerto form, Steve Law’s Piano Concerto is a work bristling with memorable tunes and jazzy rhythms – taking us through romanticism, reflection, fear and joy and ending with a triumphant conclusion!

It is in three movements and lasts about 30 minutes.

I: Allegro non troppo

II: Theme and Variations

Theme – Andante mesto, Variation 1 – Andante, Variation 2 – Largo, Variation 3 – Pensieroso, Variation 4 – Piu felice, Variation 5 – Ostinato, Variation 6 – Allegrissimo 7 – Coda.

III: Lento – Allegro – Andante – Allegro

Until it’s release, here are some more thoughts and a rendition created with a work station by the composer:

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