I’ve chosen to make my initial recording using my Yamaha Motif ES.

I decided not to take the usual route of recording on a computer with the usual sound samples which are ever present in just about everything you hear from TV music, film soundtracks and advert jingles. It often all sounds the same to me – empty and lifeless. In trying to sound like as close as possible to a real orchestra you are making an impossible task, especially with all the different ways you can play string instruments – and even then the results with the best sound samples don’t sound perfect. I especially dislike piano samples which sound thin.

I opted to create a version on a Yamaha work station. Yamaha sounds, at least, have a warmth and beauty. I have enjoyed using them in my compositions and recordings. They also help my music not to sound like everything else.

It’s been a mammoth undertaking. The composition of the concerto and the recording have taken a lot out of me during COVID lockdown. It is such exacting work and takes hundreds and hundreds of hours. I hope you will appreciate the recording for what it is. It will never match a real piano and orchestra, but what I have achieved is a great rendition of it within the means that I have.