On 16th December 1921, Prokofiev was the soloist in Chicago with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra conducted by Frederick Stock in the world premier performance of his own third piano concerto in C major Opus 26.

To celebrate the 100th year anniversary year of this occasion, I share my thoughts on some of the brilliant ideas and magical moments in this score and explain why Prokofiev’s third concerto is, for me and many others, the greatest modern piano concerto ever written. I will be dispelling some of the assumptions and attitudes concerning questions such as ‘which is Prokofiev’s greatest piano concerto?’ or ‘who’s recording is best?’.

I have loved this concerto since hearing it at the age of 15. I learned to play the concerto immediately; I know every inch of the score and have also heard every recording imaginable of this piece. So, allow me to help you discover a deeper appreciation and a more rewarding listening experience of this masterpiece.