If you want the best transcription of a piano piece or song from a recording – i.e. with all the right notes and chord voicings – for personal non-commercial use – DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY AND TIME on online sheet music transcription sites who are flooding the internet with mediocre, lazy and useless transcriptions!

Contact me for a fair quote and you will get the best person for the job. It will be done PROPERLY and ACCURATELY!

The only way of getting a great transcription is to ask someone who is great at doing it.

    Quick Q & A

    How is it done? By listening to every note in every chord from bass to treble and making sure every note is present without guessing.

    Can computer software transcribe music from recordings accurately? No.

    Do online transcription websites do a good job? No. I rarely see anything that is not mediocre or poorly done.

    Are many published transcriptions good? Rarely. Some are simplified, others just bad jobs by hacks. You occasionally come across some good jazz transcriptions. I’ve not found many I couldn’t correct. Take the Posnak Fats Waller book or Erroll Garner Five Original Solos, both are totally useless. It is disappointing but a reality. That’s where I can help.