My daughter has been learning piano with Steve for just under 2 years now. In that time my daughter has made huge progress and most importantly is enjoying learning to play the piano. Steve is an incredibly professional and patient teacher. He has always managed to make piano lessons fun and manageable for my daughters skill level. In every lesson he emphasises the positives and the mistakes are corrected with great tact and empathy. So my daughter always ends a lesson happy and motivated to practice.

Bal, Parent

The way Steve teaches makes the lessons fun and interesting for my daughter. You really need a lot of patience when working with youngsters and he definitely has what it takes. She enjoys taking lessons with him, and I’m very impressed with the way he teaches her. She practices on her own at home and I love hearing her progress. Steve is a great teacher and I would suggest him to anyone.

Sylvia, Parent

Steve has been teaching my daughter from complete beginner from about the age of nine. He is an excellent teacher and very good with young children.  My daughter is now nearly 13 years old and Steve’s good work continues. In addition to the usual grading syllabuses he has been doing some off syllabus work with her (a new arrangement of Mamma Mia!)

Alan, Parent

Steve has taught my children for many years, taking them to Grade 8 and 5 Piano and introducing a variety of genres to increase their musical enjoyment. The concerts organised for students taught by the Steve gives them an important opportunity to perform in front of an audience. I am looking forward to their future progression as they explore music with Steve’s patient direction.

Richard, Parent

Steven Law has taught keyboard to my older son to grade 7 and he is currently teaching my younger son grade 5. During these years I have come to know him very well. Steve is an extremely reliable and an excellent teacher of keyboard and piano.

He has a very calm helpful nature when teaching students and has a rare quality to tailor his lesson to each individual student. He is an outstanding teacher of music and I would recommend him highly.

Mrs V Chandarana