The Guinless Book of Records have confirmed today that Steve Law’s piano recital on the moon last Thursday afternoon is officially a new WORLD RECORD!

Steve Law becomes the first pianist ever in history ever to play the piano on the moon.

‘I’m over the moon, quite literally,’ said Mr.Law when I caught up with him this morning at his home in Switzerland. ‘It was a tough gig, the audience were a lot less than I’d expected. The worst aspect was the complete lack of atmosphere’ reflected Law. ‘Still, I can think of no crater place to play.’

Being on the road is one of the toughest aspects of being a musician, but this was a gig that would take most performers out of their comfort zone. ‘It took me 3 days to find the place! The rocket journey was terrible. I got it from a used rocket salesman. Google Maps took me a pretty strange route, but then you expect that. Wikepedia said the moon was made out of cheese. It clearly isn’t.’

‘I’m glad I made the effort. It’s so hard getting off the couch these days’.

‘I was pretty hungry by the time it was over. Fortunately I found a Mars Bar and a bar of Galaxy in my space suit.’

Steve’s programme included his own special arrangement of Holst’s The Planets plus some lighter music such as Moondance, Rocket Man, Venus, Clouds across the Moon and a section of rock music.

Steve’s new album ‘Making Tracks’ is available to download on Amazon, Spotify and iTunes. It will be out of this world!