Steve Law is a composer with a unique voice and a gift for melody. His music combines pop, jazz and classical influences in an expressive appealing modern style that abounds with catchy tunes and rhythm.

Steve is a skilled published arranger and one of the most accurate transcribers of piano music.  He is also a versatile pianist. 

Steve is originally from London and lives in East Sussex. He studied music at Bristol University with Raymond Warren and Wyndham Thomas and received a Master’s degree in composition for his jazz inspired opera ‘Heaven on Earth’ –  which was described as ‘a significant contribution to the genre’. Steve’s transcriptions of Dudley Moore’s music are published by Faber. He has made many arrangements (piano, instrumental and orchestral), for musicians such as Jack Gibbons (Fats Waller), Rena Fruchter and the late BBC Broadcaster Geoffrey Stern which have been performed in the UK and America. 

Steve’s compositions include an opera, piano works (including 2 sonatas), chamber pieces, songs, an 80s Symphony and a Violin Concerto which was premiered in London in 2015 by Mark Wilson and the composer at the piano. Steve’s latest album is ‘Making Tracks’ (2020) and he has recently completed a brilliant and jazzy Piano Concerto (2021).

In 2012-13 Steve played a series of unique musical tribute concerts recreating the music and jazz playing of Dudley Moore. Steve was fortunate to be invited to meet Dudley in London in 1999 and talk about Dudley’s music. It isn’t even if from Heaven on earth is dedicated to Dudley.

In 2009 Musicweb International reviewed and described his first CD of piano music as ‘kaleidoscopically varied works……engagement with melody, impressionistic atmosphere, jazzy syncopation….slowly burning passion’.

Steve’s lyrical Violin Concerto received it’s orchestral premier in Scotland in June 2017 with soloist Mark Wilson and Paul Wood conducting Ayr Camerata.

In August 2018 Steve’s ‘3 Poems by Lorna Law’ were enthusiastically received at Harrow Summer Music – performed by Ferrier Award winning baritone Gareth Brynmor John with the composer at the piano.

As a pianist Steve is versatile in many genres. He has given recitals of ragtime, his own note for note piano transcriptions of Gershwin, Dudley Moore and others as well as favourite composers such as Chopin, Rachmaninoff, Debussy and Prokofiev. Steve has a long association with the music of Gershwin, Billy Mayerl and Scott Joplin. He has also performed works by contemporaries Lionel Sainsbury, Kapustin and Geoffrey Stern. Steve has also accompanied singers in jazz and classical music.

In recent years in London Steve has performed at St James Piccadilly, ‘Classical Partners’, The Halo Project, St George’s Bloomsbury, The Royal National Hotel, St. George’s Pinner, the Harrow Museum and St John’s Harrow. He co-founded Harrow Summer Music in 2014 with pianist-composer Neil Crossland where Steve also performs.