Steve Law compositions include:

Bagatelle for clarinet and piano (1990)

3 Preludes for piano – in C major; A major;  D major (1989-1990)

Movement for 2 Pianos (1993)

Elegy for piano (1993)

Trio for flute, bass clarinet and piano (1993)

Children’s Scherzo for bassoon and piano (1994)

Songs of Mary (poems by John Clare) for soloists, chorus and orchestra (1994)

Little Red Riding Hood – for jazz trio and flute (1997)

Heaven on Earth – Opera in 3 Acts (1994-98)

Happy Birthday for piano (2003)

2 Piano pieces  – In Memoriam and Waltz (2003)

Russian Prelude for piano (2005)

Another Story (2005) for piano

Theme for an American Movie for piano (2004)

3 Preludes for piano A minor; B flat minor, A flat. (2005)

80s Symphony (2005)

Groove for strings, vibraphone and marimba (2006)

3 Jazz studies for piano

Piano Sonata No.1 in four movements (2007)

Prelude ‘Reverie’ in G minor for piano (1990-2007)

Study (Prelude) in B major for piano (2007)

Prelude in F sharp major for piano (2007)

70s TV for piano (2008)

Samba for 2 pianos (2009)

Themes for Film Album (2010) :

Berlin Train, Traveller, Himalaya, Tamboura, Manhattan Chase, Reunion, Take Me Home.

Resonance Album (2011)

And I Will Be There, You’ve Got To Have Something New, Is It Something I Said?, Liberty, For the Record, Forgiveness, Tenderly, Off the Rails, Celine, Remember Me, I Don’t Need Your Lies, Good-bye, And if I Could, Groovily.

Piano Sonata No.2 (2012)

Sunset for piano (2013)

12 Pop Preludes for piano (2013)

Violin Concerto (2014)

Merry Christmas (2014)

From Me to You (2016)

Wedding Bells (2017)

3 Poems by Lorna Law (2018)

Three Pieces for Small Ensemble (2019-2020)

Night Trains and The Universe is Big (2019)

Piano Concerto (2021)

Wuthering Heights for piano (2021)

To Vangelis (2022)

Pop Sketchbook for piano (ongoing)

Classical Sketchbook (ongoing)

Many other instrumental songs and piano pieces.